Have a Burst Pipe in Your Place? Do These Things Immediately

A burst pipe can lead to an accumulation of water inside your property which can be very problematic. To fix the same, you will need to call in professional plumbers. But before they arrive, doing a few things quickly can help you avoid a lot of problems. 

Here, we will be discussing what you need to do before you call the Sydney plumbers in detail. So, go through all the points and managing the burst pipe problem will become easier.

  • Turn Off the Water Supply

This is the first thing that you need to do whenever you find a burst pipe on your property. Generally, we find burst pipes either in the kitchen or the bathroom. Anyway, if you turn off the supply from the main pipe or the adjoining pipe, you can avoid waterlogging. And after doing the same, you can call in plumbers providing water pipe repair services in Sydney.

  • Get Rid of the Standing Water

If waterlogging has already taken place due to pipe leaks, you need to get rid of the water with a mug or another utensil. This will make it easier for the plumber performing pipe fixing in Sydney to repair the leak and bring everything back to normal. 

To remove waterlogging, you can call in professionals who perform this type of job. That way, it will make managing things easier for you.

  • Open the Faucet

When and if you experience a burst pipe, the first thing you can do is to open a faucet since it will remove the remaining water pressure from the damaged pipe. Otherwise, the pressure can damage large parts of the pipe and then, you will need to get the entire pipe replaced which can be very costly. So, follow this suggestion that is given by professional emergency plumbers in Sydney.

  • Rubber Can Partially Stop the Leak

If you want to partially stop the leak from the burst pipe before you call a plumber, you can place a piece of rubber on the spot from where the water is leaking, provided you have rubber at your hand’s reach. But if you don’t, you can also use a heavy cloth to slow down the leak. But the cloth has to be heavy and the leak has to be small.

  • Ventilate the Room

To prevent dampening of the walls, you should ventilate the kitchen or the bathroom, that is the place of the leak caused by the burst pipe.

You will need to open all the windows and turn on the fans so that the lodged water dries up quickly. After that, you should immediately call a company that provides emergency plumbing services in Sydney.

  • Look for Any Other Pipe-Related Problems

While the plumbers are on their way, you will need to inspect your property thoroughly and check whether there are any other water leaks caused by damaged pipes. This will help you get them fixed by the plumbers as well.

So, if you do all or most of these, you can avert waterlogging and related problems.

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