How Do Renovators Plan Bathroom Plumbing Before Starting Work?

Before a bathroom renovation can start, the renovators in Sydney plan the plumbing work that needs to be done, especially if the toilet, bathtub and other accessories are to be replaced and the newer ones will be positioned in a different spot. Generally, the renovators go for rough-in bathroom plumbing since this helps to conceal the pipes that will be installed and connected to sinks, toilets, etc.

Here, we will give you an overview of how they plan the entire plumbing framework. So, follow along.

  • Layout Development

Before starting the bathroom renovation in Sydney, the contractors will map the piping infrastructure. They will create a diagram of how each pipe will be connected and the steps that need to be followed to establish the connection seamlessly. Besides, they will also draft the locations of the bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, etc. to make plumbing flawless.

  • T-Connector Installation

Now, the professionals will install a T-connector which should be attached to the main sewer line. This is a drain pipe that enables the removal of wastewater from the bathroom and into the sewers.

When it comes to installing the connector, bathroom renovators in Sydney invest in PVC pipes and cement to secure the pipe.

  • Installing the PVC Pipes

Right after installing the T-connectors to the sewer stack, the renovators will want the plumbers to install the PVC pipe connected to the toilet drain.

The PVC pipes will be installed making a 90-degree angle and using a splitter that divides the single pipe into two.

  • Connecting the Pipes with the Sinks

If in the bathroom renovation, you are installing a new sink, the local plumbers in Sydney working with the renovators will be installing a 3-inch pipe on one of the ends of the splitter. On the other end, a 2-inch adapter will be installed from which a pipe will connect the sink.

The plumbers will connect the sink upwards, at an angle of 90-degrees. After that, the final part of the pipe will be installed by the plumbers in such a way that it serves as a sink drain.

  • Connecting the Pipes with Toilets

The remaining pipe length that will be left will be used by the plumbers for the toilets. 

They will again use the 90-degree upwards angle method to the location where the new toilet will be installed during the bathroom renovation. Also, they will install a toilet flange on the surface top for the purpose of water drainage.

  • Connecting the Pipes with the Shower

Lastly, the professionals offering plumbing services in Sydney will attach the remaining pipe to the tub and shower. Here too, the 90-degree upward bending of the pipe will be done leaving space for the drainage.

This brings the completion of the basic plumbing framework required for a bathroom that will be renovated. The entire work will be done by the plumbers after consulting with the renovators since they will be modifying the appearance of the area.

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