Look Out – Doing These Can Damage the Pipes in Your Home

There have been many instances where improper handling of the plumbing systems have exacerbated pipe problems in homes. So, you need to be careful when fitting or cleaning the pipes in your Sydney property. Else, severe damages can occur and you will have to call your local plumbers to fix them.

But do you want to know the things that can cause damage to the pipes? Then follow the points that we have stated here in this discussion.

  • Hair and Fibre Stuck on Drains

Not only can hair and fibres clog the drains in your home, but they are also harmful to pipes as well since they refuse to go away easily if stuck. This puts pressure on the pipes and they can burst after a certain point in time. So, make sure that you remove the strands of hair or fibre that is stuck on the drain opening. Otherwise, if the pipe bursts open, you will need to call emergency plumbers in Sydney to fix the same.

  • Using Too Much Strong Cleaner 

Beware of the strong cleaning solutions that you pour into the pipes whenever they get clogged. These solutions can damage the pipes and hence, plumbers recommend against using them too much. But you can use eco-friendly solutions which are devoid of abrasives. For more information, you should contact your local plumbers.

  • Fixing Walls Without Determining the Piping Framework  

Before you start home renovation or remodelling, you or the builders will need to determine the piping framework. Otherwise, nailing or hammering will damage the pipes, replacing which can be cumbersome.

If, however, this occurs in real life, you will need to contact a provider of emergency plumbing services in Sydney to repair the issue.

  • Avoid Pouring Grease in the Kitchen Drain

Getting rid of grease through the kitchen drains is easy. But the result that it will provide can be hard to solve since it can clog the pipes and even damage them by increasing the pressure inside. So, if you do pour grease on the drainage pipe, now is the time to stop.

  • Joining Pipes of Two Dissimilar Metals

When and if you connect pipes of two dissimilar metals, it will result in leaks and corrosions. For this reason, when it comes to pipe fixing and relining in Sydney, you should avoid DIY and let the professional plumbers do the needful since they have the knowledge and skills of repairing and setting up the pipes skillfully.

  • Force Cleaning Pipes

Sometimes, force is used to clean clogged pipes.

Though this cleaning procedure is a conventional one, using it too much can put pressure on the pipes and lead to irreparable damages. So, force cleaning should be used with caution and you should let only the best plumbers do the same.

  • Not Cleaning the Pipes Once a Year

Even though water flow through the pipes in your home is working smoothly, you should book a water pipe repair service in Sydney and get them checked and if needed, repaired because debris formation inside pipes is harmful as they can accelerate the wear and tear of the same.

By avoiding these seven things, you can keep the pipes in your home in the best shape throughout the year.

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