Tools Used by Local Plumbers To Fix Issues in Pipes and Accessories

To fix the plumbing issues in residential and commercial buildings, plumbers use a wide array of tools. But along with the tools, they use several techniques to resolve the problems as well. Nevertheless, today we will be particularly taking a look at the equipment that they use. So, if you are in Sydney or any of its suburbs and want to explore what the local plumbers in your region use for solving the problems in properties, go through the points mentioned here.

  • Hacksaw

If the pipes in your bathroom or any other area in your property are damaged, the local plumbers in Sydney or Parramatta or the suburb where you are situated might use this tool since it is used for cutting metallic parts, and plastic, screws, nuts and bolts.

This is a common tool that nearly all plumbers carry due to its versatility and ease of use.

  • Adjustable Wrench 

This is another important tool that the plumbers carry since it helps in loosening pipes that vary diameter-wise. Additionally, the tool helps in fitting supply lines.

Typically, the adjustable wrench never slips during operation and is available in 6 to 10-inch sizes.

  • Pipe Wrench

Plumbing professionals working in companies offering emergency plumbing services in Sydney and its suburbs use pipe wrenches as well.

They are heavier and are generally used for tightening and loosening nuts and fittings. Anyway, including this item in the inventory varies from plumber to plumber. Nevertheless, this is a versatile tool as well.

  • Thread Seal Tapes 

This type of tape is also called plumber tape and is used by professionals to fix leakages in pipes and water line connections, and even in some accessories in bathrooms and kitchens such as tapware connections, showerheads, etc.

  • Toilet Plungers 

This is a very common tool that can be found in most households as well as in commercial properties. 

This tool is extremely handy when it comes to unclogging toilets. In fact, this tool can also aid in unblocking sinks, tubs and showers.

  • Hand Auger

The hand auger is used for unblocking drainage pipes and is very helpful when the plunger fails in the mentioned operations.

Most emergency plumbers in Sydney and its other suburbs carry the hand auger tool as part of their inventory. 

The tool comprises a hand crank that pushes a metal wire through the drains to remove the blockages.

  • Metal File

By using the metal file, plumbers can smoothen the edges of the metal pipes that have been cut with a hacksaw. 

The metal file is available in various sizes. So, if included, the size or the model will vary from plumber to plumber.

  • Basin Wrench

This is another tool that the local plumbers in Blacktown and other Sydney suburbs use for tightening or loosening tapware and the nuts and bolts in sinks and other accessories.

Apart from the ones we have mentioned, there are other tools as well. But these are the most common ones that are used by plumbers in Sydney and its suburbs.

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